Customer KYC & Compliance Questionnaire

PharmaSeeds requires all new prospective customers to complete this short questionnaire as part of our Know Your Client (KYC) commitment to ensure we conduct our business in compliance with all relevant national and international laws. This includes narcotics legislation, as well as agricultural, plant health and trade regulations.

Please complete all the questions in full and return the signed form to PharmaSeeds along with copies of all the documents requested in the checklist at the end of the form. We may not be able to progress your order until this form and all documents have been received to our satisfaction. Please speak to your PharmaSeeds representative should you have any questions.

Space is provided for Notes at the end of the form should you wish to add any further information relating to any of the questions or to raise issues that have not been covered that may affect our ability to trade with you.

PharmaSeeds shall treat all information provided as strictly confidential and shall process the information in accordance with applicable local laws (including GDPR). PharmaSeeds maintains appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect information from accidental loss, destruction, damage, alteration and unauthorised disclosure or access.

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