Product Research & Selection Questionnaire

PharmaSeeds asks all suppliers to provide detailed and accurate variety data as part of its proprietary product research and selection process. Please complete this short questionnaire and accompanying Variety Data Template (VDT) and return to PharmaSeeds product development team.

PharmaSeeds relies on data generated by its supplier to assess the commercial potential of each variety, select the most suitable products for its catalogue, and ensure customers are furnished with accurate performance data as they make their selections.

The VDT is designed to ensure all results can be analysed in the context of the conditions under which they were obtained. A new line should be created in the VDT for each new test carried out on a variety, recording the results obtained and the specific conditions under which they were generated. This includes the agronomic data, plant performance data and the Certification of Analysis (CoA).

Please provide as much information as possible. Wherever data asked for in the VDT is not available or has not been measured, please leave the field blank and allow PharmaSeeds to determine whether to revisit the question at a later date.

Space is provided for Notes at the end of each section should you wish to add any further information relating to the questions or to raise issues that have not been covered. PharmaSeeds shall treat all information provided as strictly confidential and shall process the information in accordance with applicable local laws (including GDPR). PharmaSeeds maintains appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect information from accidental loss, destruction, damage, alteration and unauthorised disclosure or access.

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