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Seed and Clone Supply​

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Seed and Clone Supply

All products in our catalogue pass through our rigorous due diligence, research, testing and treatment process to ensure they meet expected levels of compliance, quality and performance.

PharmaSeeds trades registered and traceable varieties and cultivars from licenced RnD companies and seed suppliers or nurseries. With authorisation and permits from all relevant government agencies, both in the UK and in the countries of origin and destination, seeds, germplasm and other genetic material supplied by PharmaSeeds can be trusted to comply with all legal requirements. All our products come with phytosanitary certification and have undergone testing and treatment at accredited laboratories. This includes for example, hot water treatments on seeds to remove all pests where required or requested.

We test germination rates and purity to ensure viability and offer treatments that improve performance and cut days from the production process. All testing and treatments are carried out at ISTA-certified laboratories either in the country of origin or in the UK. We maintain transparent records of batch numbers and expiry dates for all our stock. Our operating procedures for handling, storage, shipping and packaging incorporate best practice from the agricultural sector to deliver safely, securely and on time with minimal impact on seed viability.