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Variety Commercialisation

PharmaSeeds are specialists in compliance, marketing, sales and distribution of cannabis genetics. We seek commercial partnerships with like-minded plant scientists, RnD companies and academic institutions to market their varieties and cultivars through our catalogue.

We believe science-based innovation and genetic diversity, fostered by a supportive regulatory climate, are key to unlocking the latent medicinal and commercial potential of the cannabis plant. Our proven track record launching new products, entering new markets and developing lasting client relationships makes us the partner of choice for developers and producers seeking to commercialise their work internationally.

We are committed to fair and realistic compensation for breeders. Our supply agreements and pricing structures are designed to reward innovation and support genetic diversity through transparent royalties for developers and risk-sharing options for customers trialling new varieties and cultivars. In the absence of formal and enforceable plant variety rights and patents, we offer contracts that incentivise RnD, support sophisticated breeding programmes and encourage the release of genetics that have been kept from the wider market.

Please contact us if you are a developer or plant breeder and would like to find out more.