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Variety Development & Pheno Hunting​

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Variety Development & Pheno Hunting

We work with top plant scientists and academic institutions continuously to improve, stabilise or adapt genetics that meet and anticipate market needs. We believe genetic diversity is the key to unlock the medicinal and commercial potential of the cannabis plant. We are committed to protect and encourage genetic diversity through commercialisation of a broad range of genetic profiles from suppliers that adopt a scientific and data-driven approach to breeding programmes.  

Through expert selection and inbreeding of phenotypes that display desired dominant traits and further hyridization and selective breeding, our plant scientists develop new candidates, stabilise or adapt existing genetics to specific agronomic conditions. Our experts also assist customers requiring clonal propagation with onsite pheno-hunting to select strong specimens as mothers and ensure a uniform crop with optimised yields. We recommend replenishing stock regularly to keeps genetics fresh, reduce pest risk and maintain a competitive edge.