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Variety Selection​

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Variety Selection

Through long-standing relationships with renowned plant scientists and producers, PharmaSeeds has access to a diverse range of commercially viable genetics, including new and exclusive varieties with innovative secondary metabolite profiles.

We understand that variety selection is about more than prospecting potential yields and higher variability on ​cannabinoids and terpenes. We work closely with customers to understand their genetic requirements from regulatory, commercial and agronomic perspectives.

Cannabis regulation continues to evolve and remains fragmented across jurisdictions. We filter our search according to a detailed assessment of regulatory obligations, including local license conditions as well as national and international narcotics legislation and agricultural regulation. Our industry-leading approach to compliance is designed to de-risk the crop from a regulatory perspective so commercial success is not jeopardised at the outset.

Understanding commercial aims and production costs optimizes the process of selecting the most suitable variety or cultivar. We help select genetics and propagation strategies that deliver your business plan and fulfil or anticipate market demand. We look at climate, geography and growing conditions to make a final selection of the most appropriate candidates to maximise yields, quality and profits for your project.