Breeder Journey

The Breeder Journey –
How we work with licenced breeders

Assessment & Approval

PharmaSeeds vets and assesses breeders, their products and protocols, as well as the commercial and medical viability of their cultivars.

The assessment process incorporated checks on:

° Corporate, Operational &
° Regulatory Due Diligence Seed &  Plant Health
° In-depth Cultivar Data

Once a cultivar is approved, the detailed data is uploaded into our curated databank, PhytoLog.


When working with a client to identify the most suitable adapted cultivars, PharmaSeeds consults PhytoLog for relevant genetic matches.

The matches are drawn from the detailed cultivar data provided by our carefully-selected breeders. PharmaSeeds presents the suitable cultivars to the client, in the form of a Genetic Recommendations Report. We then guide the client through the recommendations via a virtual workshop.


When the client is happy to proceed, PharmaSeeds confirms the order quantity and pricing model.

From here Pharma Seeds co-ordinates the legal and regulatory requirements, purchase and delivery and after sales service.


We invite clients to provide us with with feedback on cultivar performance throughout the growing cycle.

This data is recorded on PhytoLog and made available to the breeder enabling continued variety improvement.

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