Genetic Consultancy & Supply

PharmaSeeds’ Genetic Consultancy Supply Service includes a bespoke genetic matching service which pairs the most suitable adapted cultivars to LP’s particular genetic requirements and specified outcomes.

Genetics recommended and supplied by PharmaSeeds meet the highest industry standards. The breeders and cultivars we work with are carefully selected based on their ability to prove that they are fully legal and compliant and that their genetics are the most unique and commercially viable on the market.

Our meticulous approach to due diligence spans the entire genetic supply chain including licensing, corporate and regulatory requirements, import and export and SOPs, plus a vigorous inspection of the cultivars themselves and how they are produced. This data is tracked and continuously updated on PharmaSeeds’ proprietary cultivar library, PhytoLog, ensuring clients only ever receive the most cutting edge advice.

Clients engaged in our Genetic Consultancy Supply Service receive their own tailored Genetic Recommendations Report.

This comprises a shortlist of suitable cultivars, taking into account each client’s agronomic, genetic and commercial requirements. PharmaSeeds pairs the data-driven power of PhytoLog with the expertise of our senior plant scientists to present clients with the right genetics relative to their individual growing conditions.

Considerations such as location, climate and cultivation area are laid out and the report which also captures critical information on the client’s desired outcomes such as cannabinoid levels, physiology, yield and much more. These reports are completely tailored to each client’s requirements.

All genetics supplied by PharmaSeeds are provided with a Standard Growing Plan (SGP). SGPs are designed to provide supplier-optimized growing regime to Licensed Producers throughout the grow cycle. A more customized Growing Plan is available to clients via our bespoke Cultivation Consultancy & Training service.
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