Our team

Thomas Raikes

Managing Director

I am an entrepreneur and career specialist with a 20+ year track record of building and backing successful businesses & brands in the cannabis & hemp industry. I am a passionate advocate for drug law reform and this value runs throughout my portfolio of businesses through support and funding of drug harm minimisation research, plant science innovation and drug policy reform.

I launched PharmaSeeds in response to a very clear market need to provide licensed producers with entirely legal, compliant and traceable genetics with known agronomic outcomes, while at the same time helping licensed cannabis breeders to protect and build lasting revenue strategies around their IP under fair pricing contracts.

Dr. Gary Yates

Chief Scientific Officer

My interest in the therapeutic potential of the Cannabis plant inspired me to study biology and genetics. I have a BSc(hons) in Molecular Genetics and wrote my PhD on post-translational modifications in plant stress and been published in several high-profile peer-reviewed journals. After working on photosynthesis in a Post-doctoral role, I joined PharmaSeeds’ senior team ready to apply my academic experience, knowledge and skills to the opportunities and challenges facing the medical cannabis industry.

I am focused on how plant genetics relate to the unique biological and medicinal properties of this extraordinary plant and I envisage a variety of approaches to improving all aspects of the health and prosperity of both seed and plant. I am most excited by the diversity of the PharmaSeeds range, working with world class breeders and suppliers gives me the confidence to say we can find the right genetics for any growing environment no matter how problematic.

Rachel Reasbeck

Head of Client Relations

Rachel joined PharmaSeeds in 2020 from a B2B media and marketing consultancy background, bringing with her a solid grounding in tailored research, advisory and senior Client Relationship Management. Her remit at PharmaSeeds started with marketing & client communications and has evolved into focussing on ensuring PharmaSeeds delivers a superior experience for PharmaSeeds’ clients and our wider supplier and supporter network.

Since joining PharmaSeeds, Rachel has been overwhelmed by the positive and collaborative nature of her colleagues across the legal cannabis industry and is excited about being part of such a bold and entrepreneurial community.

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