PharmaSeeds has unmatched access to the world’s most advanced, legal cannabis genetics thanks to very collaborative and respectful relationships with carefully vetted, licensed breeders. PharmaSeeds invests in building and nurturing relationships with suppliers as much as we do with clients. We take the time to understand their genetics as well as they do and they see us as a trusted partner, which means they are happy to provide us with levels of data on their genetics that is not found elsewhere.


This unrivalled access to next-generation genetics and the proprietary due diligence process we employ means that our curated cultivar library, PhytoLog, houses the most unique and commercially viable cultivars on the market – including those with high CBD and THC ratios, balanced cannabinoid profiles, rare cannabinoid-dominant cultivars, as well as proven biotic and abiotic tolerant cultivars.


List of Cannabinoids we can provide


High THC

CBD rich

2:1 and balanced ratios


Example Cultivar Profile

Separate GACP and compliant
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High Quality
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