Cycle-after-cycle value delivery for both licensed producers and breeders

PharmaSeeds believes that mutually prosperous partnerships between Licensed Producers and Breeders will boost genetic innovation across the whole ecosystem. That is why we invest in building and nurturing our relationships not just with clients but with suppliers too.

IP protection and royalties reward breeders’ efforts to continually innovate and diversify their cultivar profiles, so PharmaSeeds ensures the most suitable terms and conditions are in place to drive future development. PharmaSeeds offers a variety of contract types including end-point, pay-per-use royalties, up-front costing and cost-per-unit pricing structures.

To ensure continual optimisation on cultivar performance, we ask clients to provide us with feedback on plant performance and customer/patient reviews, so we can deliver this intelligence back to suppliers and continue to update PhytoLog.

Our close relationships with breeders based on fair remuneration and feedback means they continue to want to work with us, and this in turn allows us to deliver value to clients, cycle-after-cycle.

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