PhytoLog: Greater security for Licensed Producers on crop yields and ROI

PhytoLog is the world's first constantly evolving repository of curated, proven cultivars, developed by PharmaSeeds

PhytoLog tracks & records the highest levels of agronomic data and genetic performance indicators on the industry’s most unique and up-to-date cultivars.

This intelligence allows PharmaSeeds to match clients’ specific genetic requirements and specified outcomes to the most suitable adapted cultivars.

A comparative systematic algorithm produces a shortlist of potentially suitable cultivars.

This intelligence is then assessed and verified by our in-house scientists, before being presented to clients in a personalized Genetic Recommendations Report.

Following the cultivation cycle, feedback data from LPs is logged allowing us to constantly monitor performance and refresh the genetic data stored on PhytoLog. This allows us to continually optimise lines based on the suitability for a diverse range of environments.

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