Cultivation Consultancy & Training

PharmaSeeds provides a bespoke Cultivation Consultancy & Training service for Licensed Producers who require an additional degree of guidance beyond that found in a Standard Growing Plan.

Licensed Producers who use this service are aiming for the highest possible standards and best outcomes and are using different cultivation techniques to the cultivar supplier, are in their first grow cycle, or are using cultivars in untested sites.

PharmaSeeds’ enhanced input throughout the grow cycle is particularly important if the cultivation techniques are different from those used by the supplier. As with all crops, major amendments in cultivation technique will result in very different outputs, while even the subtlest of differences in environment such as micro changes in water type can result in major adaptations.

Clients using this service benefit from a fully Customized Growing Plan (CGP), an enhanced version of the Standard Growing Plan that is provided as part of our Genetic Consultancy & Supply service. CGPs go beyond the SGP’s supplier-optimized training regimes and are instead uniquely tailored to clients’ desired outcomes, infrastructure and personnel.

Our bespoke Cultivation Training & Optimization programmes are designed to be modular and scalable to ensure LPs and their wider teams benefit from precisely the right amount of input to achieve maximum ROI for their crops.

Our training modules span the length of a growing cycle and cover crucial techniques for ensuring crop success. Our Chief Scientific Officer and Master Grower have designed PharmaSeeds’ proprietary Training and Optimization modules to provide clients with reassurance at each stage of the cycle and instil a higher degree of confidence in the desired outcomes. The topics and formats for these modules are designed to address clients’ specific cultivation gaps and we work in close consultation with clients to generate the right topics, duration and formats.

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