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PharmaSeeds was established in 2019 to address a number of challenges faced by both experienced and novice Licensed Producers of medical cannabis, including:

PharmaSeeds was set up to provide reassurance to Licensed Producers throughout the entire cannabis genetics lifecycle, from selection and sourcing of the right genetic materials, to successful supply and delivery, to optimized cultivation. By working with PharmaSeeds, Licensed Producers can expect:

PharmaSeeds focuses solely on advising and supplying licensed producers with fully compliant genetic materials that match their exact agronomic, phenotypic and commercial requirements, allowing them to go about their business with full confidence in the genetics provided.


Our approach is completely tailored for each client and their unique needs.


Our services include:


Genetic Consultancy & Supply

Cultivation Consultancy & Training


PharmaSeeds combines its extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry and a solid background in
plant science, genetics and plant pathology with data-driven intelligence powered by our curated cultivar library, PhytoLog.


PharmaSeeds’ approach to nurturing relationships with vetted, licensed breeders affords us access
to the most advanced unique genetics on the market, with every cultivar we recommend matched specifically to a client’s desired outcomes


PharmaSeeds’ genetic intelligence reporting, tailored specifically for each individual client, empowers licensed producers to make confident choices in the genetic materials they sow, achieving desired results, cycle after cycle.


We also work with clients to provide stage-by-stage, cycle-after-cycle cultivation advice and training

What makes Pharmaseeds Unique

PharmaSeeds supplies licensed producers with fully compliant cannabis genetics that have been proven to match their specific commercial and agronomic requirements. As a unique cannabis genetics consultancy and supply service, underpinned by science-based, data-driven cultivar selection, PharmaSeeds empowers licensed producers to make confident choices in the genetic materials they sow, achieving desired results, cycle after cycle

Unmatched access to greater genetic diversity, through our collaborative relationships with breeders, globally.

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Meticulous approach to supplier and product due diligence.

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Fully compliant transactions every time, making the legal process as seamless as possible from origin to destination.

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PhytoLog, the world’s first constantly evolving repository of curated, proven cultivars, developed by PharmaSeeds.

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Bespoke genetic intelligence delivered via a comprehensive, tailored Genetic Recommendations Report.

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Cycle-after-cycle value delivery for both licensed producers and breeders.

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