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De-risking the cannabis cultivar selection process through data and performance tracking​

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Reliable, high-quality genetics are fundamental to the success of any cannabis enterprise, which is why it’s imperative for commercial cultivators to invest in cultivars that are fully adapted to meet their needs. Yet purchasing cannabis genetics is fraught with pitfalls, and many licensed producers have already incurred expensive losses as a result of investing in unsuitable materials.

Through PhytoLog, the world’s first comprehensive database of genetic traits and adaptations pertaining to different cannabis cultivars, PharmaSeeds demystifies the selection process for our clients, thereby eliminating this risk. By rigorously tracking performance data, we enable licensed producers to identify cultivars that are most apt to provide the maximum return on their investment.

PhytoLog – a curated library of legal, unique cannabis cultivars

Cultivar selection made easy

Dr. Gary Yates, Chief Scientific Officer, PharmaSeeds

“In PhytoLog, we track everything from the male and female parental heritage of a given cultivar all the way through to the latest adaptations that have been seen in that line,” explains our Chief Scientific Officer Dr Gary Yates. “This includes abiotic adaptations – such as resistance to drought, humidity and other environmental stresses – and biotic adaptations like the ability to resist various pests and pathogens.”

Within PhytoLog, PharmaSeeds also records an extensive array of metrics relating to the biochemical and agronomic attributes of every cultivar, including cannabinoid, terpene and even flavonoid yields. Ensuring third-party verification, we also document essential information regarding germination rates, sex ratios, plant morphology and the number of different phenotypes generated by each cultivar.

Analysing this information allows PharmaSeeds to present licensed producers with a personalised Genetic Recommendations Report, highlighting the specific cultivars that have been proven to thrive in their environment and satisfy all their phenotypic demands. In other words, as Dr Yates explains, “we show our clients the cultivars that we know for certain will meet their targets, so they can rest assured that the genetics they invest in are fully adapted to give them the results they want.”

Optimising the performance of every cultivar – stage-by-stage, cycle-after-cycle

Working with leading plant scientists, PharmaSeeds conducts an in-depth assessment of every cultivar, ensuring it has been rigorously tested for germination rates, feminisation rates, plant physiology and cannabinoid yield in a range of different growing conditions.

In this way, we are able to ensure that all of our materials meet the highest standards of plant health, performance and quality, while also complying with country-specific phytosanitary regulations. Crucially, this level of due diligence enables us to provide licensed producers with detailed, verifiable performance data on every cultivar, thereby de-risking the selection process and allowing cultivators to proceed with supreme confidence in their genetics.

“As well as telling us about a plant’s traits, PhytoLog also gives us the parameters under which those traits are most likely to be expressed,” says Dr Yates. “For example, it tells us the appropriate temperature and humidity range for a given cultivar, along with an array of other ideal environmental conditions and growing techniques.”

Stage-by-stage cultivar optimisation

Transforming data into knowledge through PharmaSeeds’ Genetic Recommendations Report

Genetic Recommendations Report

PharmaSeeds harnesses the information within PhytoLog together with its detailed knowledge of the industry, markets and plant science to generate a detailed, tailored Genetic Recommendations Report, tailored specifically for each client’s individual needs and growing environment.

For every cultivar selected by the client, PharmaSeeds generates a Standard Growing Plan, which provides detailed instructions on how to achieve the best yields. “For instance, depending on the cultivar and the desired outcome, the Standard Growing Plan may instruct a cultivator to grow their plants in a particular medium for a certain length of time, before transferring them to another medium under a specific level of light intensity,” continues Dr Yates.

Facilitating continual improvement and cultivar optimisation

While the information contained within PhytoLog has already been rigorously tested, PharmaSeeds continually liaises with licensed producers to understand how each cultivar performs in a range of new environments. By sharing this information with our partner breeders, we enable them to increase their understanding of their own cultivars and enhance their knowledge of the range of conditions for which their genetics are adapted.

“In addition to continually updating the information in PhytoLog, we’re also bridging the gap between breeders and cultivators, which is something that has been missing from the industry,” says Dr Yates. “This is really important as it allows breeders to better understand their plants’ resistance to different environments and to target new traits, with the aim of creating cultivars that are adapted to a wider range of adverse conditions.

Ultimately, therefore, the beauty of PhytoLog lies not only in its capacity to help cultivators maximise their yields in the immediate term, but in its potential to facilitate the creation of more optimised cultivars that will stand the cannabis industry in good stead for years to come.

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