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PharmaSeeds provides reassurance to Licensed Producers throughout the entire cannabis genetics lifecycle, from selection and sourcing of the right genetic materials to successful supply and delivery. The PharmaSeeds team is experienced in a wide array of disciplines and offer services for optimizing cultivation, yield enhancement and a solutions-based assessment of infrastructure and protocols.

We combine our extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry and a solid background in
plant science, genetics and plant pathology with data-driven intelligence powered by our curated cultivar library, PhytoLog.

PharmaSeeds’ approach to nurturing relationships with vetted, licensed breeders affords us access
to the most advanced unique genetics on the market, with every cultivar we recommend matched specifically to a client’s desired outcomes.

Our genetic intelligence reporting, tailored specifically for each individual client, empowers licensed producers to make confident choices in the genetic materials they sow, achieving desired results, cycle after cycle. We also work with clients to provide stage-by-stage, cycle-after-cycle cultivation advice and training.

Who are we, and why do we exist?

PharmaSeeds was established in 2019 to address many of the challenges faced by both experienced and novice Licensed Producers of medical cannabis, including but not limited to:

  • Hard to find vetted genetics
  • Lack of consistent data, unstable phenotypes and lack of performance data
  • High costs, with no product quality control
  • Shipping delays, importation issues
  • Legal complexity and regulatory conformation

The company was set up by managing director Tom Raikes (Seedsman, Tigre Uno):

“I am an entrepreneur and career specialist with a 20+ year track record of building and backing successful businesses & brands in the cannabis & hemp industry. I am a passionate advocate for drug law reform and this value runs throughout my portfolio of businesses through support and funding of drug harm minimisation research, plant science innovation and drug policy reform.

I launched PharmaSeeds in response to a very clear market need to provide licensed producers with entirely legal, compliant and traceable genetics with known agronomic outcomes, while at the same time helping licensed cannabis breeders to protect and build lasting revenue strategies around their IP under fair pricing contracts.”

At the helm of R&D is Chief Scientific Officer Dr Gary Yates:

“My interest in the therapeutic potential of the Cannabis plant inspired me to study biology and genetics. I have a BSc(Hons) in Molecular Genetics, wrote my PhD on post-translational modifications in plant stress, and been published in several high-profile peer-reviewed journals. After working on photosynthesis in a Post-doctoral role, I joined PharmaSeeds’ senior team ready to apply my academic experience, knowledge and skills to the opportunities and challenges facing the medical cannabis industry.

I am focused on how plant genetics relate to the unique biological and medicinal properties of this extraordinary plant, and I envisage a variety of approaches to improving all aspects of the health and prosperity of both seed and plant. I am most excited by the diversity of the PharmaSeeds range, working with world-class breeders and suppliers gives me the confidence to say we can find the right genetics for any growing environment – no matter how problematic.”

What are we trying to achieve?

PharmaSeeds’ goal is simple – to create a place where licensed producers can come and get quality genetics at a reasonable price while taking all the guesswork out of how the genetics will perform. While doing this, we provide intelligence, case studies and solutions reports to any cultivation issues/sites.

PharmaSeeds has unmatched access to the world’s most advanced, legal cannabis genetics thanks to very collaborative and respectful relationships with carefully vetted, licensed breeders. We invest in building and nurturing relationships with suppliers as much as we do with clients, taking the time to understand their genetics as well as they do. They see us as a trusted partner, which means they are happy to provide us with levels of data on their genetics that is not found elsewhere.

This unrivalled access to next-generation genetics and the proprietary due diligence process we employ means that our curated cultivar library, PhytoLog, houses the most unique and commercially viable cultivars on the market – including those with high CBD and THC ratios, balanced cannabinoid profiles, rare cannabinoid-dominant cultivars, and proven biotic and abiotic tolerant cultivars.

PharmaSeeds is also committed to helping to educate the wider cannabis community through well-researched reader-friendly articles, open discussions, educational courses, and public outreach.


Who we work with

The PharmaSeeds team is dedicated to the genetic supply of cannabis, and as such are members of the following recognised bodies:

Cannabis Industry Council, The British Society of Plant Breeders, ASTM, European Industrial Hemp Association, Cannabis Trades Association

In addition to working with some of the largest and most well-known licensed producers in Europe, PharmaSeeds has clients in Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Americas. We have suppliers in North and South America, Europe and Australasia, as well as dedicated breeders and cultivar hunters scanning the globe to widen the genetic diversity of the range.

PharmaSeeds new collaboration with Cannabis Health and Cannabis Wealth will bring some of the most cutting-edge articles on cannabis research and plant science to the fore for their readers and subscribers. These articles will be directed towards the greater themes of the magazines as well as occasional standalone articles covering some of the most interesting aspects of cultivation and physiology.

Visit the PharmaSeeds knowledge centre for more articles.